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Full copyright of all my photographs and the intellectual rights to their composition, in its parts and in its entirety, are retained by me. The moral and legal rights of the author/photographer are hereby asserted.
Sale of images is solely for the purpose stipulated and rights for the use of images are not transferrable to any other party, by sale or gift, without prior agreement.
Any additional rights granted, over and above simple rights to display as indicated in the job description, must be stipulated in writing, either by specific communication or within the invoice.
Any rights, either limited or full copyright, are not assigned to the customer until payment in full is received. The supply of images to the customer shall not, in itself, constitute the granting of any rights to the use of those images.
Failure to pay the pertinent invoice in full within 60 days shall entitle the photographer, or his agent, to request the removal of the said photographs from any form of publication and make null and void any prior agreement as to usage. The photographer, or his agent, may approach the publisher or webmaster directly with appropriate evidence to ensure compliance of this clause. Reinstatement of the photographs shall be entirely at the behest of the photographer, irrespective of any unapproved attempted or actual late payment by the client. Moreover, implementation of this clause does not in itself remove the obligation for payment from the client and the photographer may continue to seek payment irrespective of any immediate status of the photographs and for a sum commensurate with the time the photographs have already been displayed.
Full and exemplary compensation will be sought for any breaches of copyright.