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How can I pay?

When you checkout and choose credit card payment you are transferred to an approved ASB Bank gateway site called Paystation. This site co-ordinates the transaction between your bank and the ASB (my bank). It is totally secure and this system is used by all New Zealand banks.
If you have difficulty paying, or are simply nervous about doing it this way, then phone me and I will be happy to arrange payment over the phone. NEVER email credit card details - it is unsafe.
Visa and Mastercard are the only accepted cards .

My payment didn't go through.

As soon as your payment is accepted you should receive an email copy of the invoice showing what photos you ordered and the total paid. If you do not receive this within a few minutes there may be a problem. Often this is caused by leaving the transaction page before payment is completed (it has to bounce between my server, the banks' gateway and the two banks before final approval is given).
If you are in doubt you can check your card statement after a day or two. If you accidently order twice we will happily reverse one of the payments.

Minimum Order.

There is a minimum order amount of $10. If you wish to order only one photo then you can buy a digital copy as well to take you over this limit. The limit does not include postage. Should you really only want one print then I am happy to take your order over the phone.


Postage is a standard amount no matter what the size of the order. There are two rates, one for within New Zealand, the other for overseas.
We will replace any photographs damaged in transit, just send them back to us with a brief note.