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Print Quality

Prints are done in-house on a state-of-the-art printer using premium inks with a projected life of over 200 years.
Each photo is Photoshopped to remove shine and zits from the faces. Enlargements are even more carefully Photoshopped, sometimes re-cropped and having colour adjustments made to individual faces if required. The added cost of our enlargements reflects in part the extra time we give them.

Print Sizes.

Two set sizes are offered.
Our standard print measures 12.7cm x 19.2cm and is bigger then the standard 5"x7" print.
Enlargements are 19.6cm x 29.7cm (nominally A4).
Prints are hand trimmed so there may be a slight variation in size.
The proportions match those of the sensor in digital cameras which, in turn, are based on the proportions of 35mm film negatives. s.

Delivery Time.

Even at the busiest time of year we try to get prints despatched within two weeks of receiving the order. At other times delivery will be much quicker.
Prints are individually Photoshopped and printed on an exhibition quality printer, all this does take a little longer than the local photo lab.
We will replace any photographs damaged in transit, just send them back to us with a brief note.